Yard Act - Dark Days Silver 12" Vinyl EP repress

Yard Act - Dark Days Silver 12" Vinyl EP repress

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Expected 01/07/22 on Zen FC.

Seems like only last week we had Yard Act in the shop signing their mighty fine LP!

Well, if by then you'd missed out on this great EP, you get a chance to grab one and a lovely silver one at that! 

Being the budding record industry moguls that they are, they couldn’t bear to see the ‘Dark Days’ EP languishing out of print. So they commandeered a Danish pressing plant and rudely shoved their way to the front of the queue, picked a new colour (silver in honour of ‘The Overload’ finishing second in the Album Charts) and rushed through a repress in time for the summer.


Dark Days


Fixer Upper

The Trapper’s Pelts