Unthank : Smith - Nowhere And Everywhere Vinyl LP

Unthank : Smith - Nowhere And Everywhere Vinyl LP

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Expected 17/02/23



We now have Paul and Rachel playing an acoustic instore set on the day of release!!!

It will start at 5.30pm and is free and all are welcome, they'll both be chatting and signing copies of their LP and CD afterwards. As space is limited and this may be very busy priority will go to those who pre-order the album from us, however we'll do our best to make sure we get everybody in for the show and the signing afterwards!

See you on the 17th!


Two North-Eastern Mercury Prize-nominated artists from different musical worlds find common ground with an exploratory merging of voices and acoustic sounds. After first meeting backstage at an Africa Express show in Middlesbrough Town Hall, Paul approached Rachel to see if she would like to sing together, given his interest in folk music and their regional connections. With ‘Nowhere And Everywhere’, Unthank : Smith, foremost talents in their respective fields, set out to collect songs and pen originals that claw at the beating heart of the region. 

Though Rachel Unthank has been immersed in the folk world from childhood, Paul Smith’s route towards folk began in his teens with a love of Martin Carthy, Karen Dalton, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, especially their fingerstyle guitar-playing.  Echoes of that approach can be heard throughout this album, albeit simplified and merged with a more direct sound akin to US avant-rock acolytes of the 60s folk revival like Gastr Del Sol and David Pajo.

As one of two lead singers of The Unthanks, Rachel Unthank has dedicated much of her career to celebrating folk songs by writers little known beyond the North East, such as Graeme Miles, whose ‘Horumarye’ appears on the album. Rachel’s knowledge of traditional song allowed them to quickly add material to the original songs Paul was writing, in addition to ‘Seven Tears’, a rare Unthank original, inspired by Norse mythology.

Co-produced by David Brewis of Field Music, this raw and atmospheric album features Faye MacCalman of emerging avant-jazz group Archipelago on clarinet, and exploratory drums by Bonnie‘Prince’ Billy / Alasdair Roberts collaborator Alex Neilson, of Trembling Bells (cult) fame.



Captain Bover

The Natural Urge

Seven Tears

O Mary, Will You Go?

What Maks Makems

Red Wine Promises

Robert Kay

Lord Bateman


The King