Trees Speak - Vertigo of Flaws Ltd Indies Vinyl 2Lp & 7"

Trees Speak - Vertigo of Flaws Ltd Indies Vinyl 2Lp & 7"

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Expected release 26/11/21.

‘Vertigo of Flaws: Emancipation of the Dissonance and Temperaments in Irrational Waveforms’

We just can't get enough of these and thankfully they're turning out to be a prolific bunch. Once again we have the Indie limited 2Lp with bonus 7"...look sharp!


Trees Speak’s new album, ‘Vertigo of Flaws: Emancipation of the Dissonance and Temperaments in Irrational Waveforms’, comes as a double vinyl. The first pressing of the vinyl includes a bonus 7” enclosed in an 8-page 7” x 7” booklet insert housed within the gatefold sleeve with cover artwork created by Soviet Union propaganda artist Lazar Markovich Lissitzky in 1911.  This new release is a vast leap into an ocean of space and sound, a quantum leap into cybernetics, biology, anti-gravity, time travel, dream speech and transfiguration.

A seriously next step release.  Showing no signs of slowing down their rapid creative pace - incredibly this is their fourth album in the space of just over one year - ‘Vertigo of Flaws’ is a mighty 29 tracks, one and a half hours of music across that is surely going to be a defining point in their musical career, a giant leap into the sonic unknown, an epic exploration of intensity and sound.  Alongside their now trademark motoric-beat rhythms, angular New York post-punk attitude, tripped-out 60s spy soundtrack, psyche-rock and 70s synthesizers and vocoders, here you will also hear a new cosmic special awareness (both personal inner space and galactic outer space) and a truly willful pushing of sonic boundaries - as police sirens, static noise, alarms, radio signals, avant-garde voices and orchestral string quartets all collide to add beautiful dissonance to uber-powerful, intense, addictive and propulsive rhythms - in the process creating a truly unique soundscape that Trees Speak have made wholly their own.

 If you ever wanted to hear Can, Hawkwind, Destroy All Monsters, Pere Ubu, electric eels, John Cage, Liquid Liquid, Tangerine Dream, Suicide, Neu!, Laurie Spiegel, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Barry, Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company, Sun Ra, Stockhausen, John Carpenter, Electro-Acoustic and Musique Concrete and Mars in one band, this is it.


Seventh Mirror

Cybernetic Dreams


Computer Garden


Halide Crystals


Imaginary Forces

Phantom LFO



Mind In Light


Vertigo Of Flaws

Exit Syndrome


Atomic Voyage


Violence Cascades





Mind Oscillation

Hidden Machine



Cloud Chamber

Harmonic Oscillator

Bonus 7” single (SJRLP498 only)