OST / BARRY GRAY - Stingray - 7" Transparent Green Vinyl EP  [RSD 2024]

OST / BARRY GRAY - Stingray - 7" Transparent Green Vinyl EP [RSD 2024]

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This product is a Record Store Day title and not available to pre-order.
Available to buy in-store from 8am on Saturday, 20/04/2024 (Record Store Day).
Any remaining copies will be available to buy online from 8pm on Monday 22/04/2024.


The atmospheric aquatic adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASPs) provided the perfect grounds for the evolution of Barry Gray’s own musical odyssey.

After navigating otherworldly vistas with experimental minimalism in Fireball XL5, Gray anchored Stingray’s underwater exploits with a canon of earth-bound incidentals. Employing flutes and gentle woodwind sounds to set the scene, Gray’s music drew attention to the wonder of the series premise, employing lush heavenly strings for the series’ closing theme, ‘Aqua Marina’ (a croon brought to life by in-demand vocalist Gary Miller).

The year 1965 saw the release on 7” of the Stingray Main Titles and Aqua Marina.

This new EP has been put together from the original audio for Record Store Day 2024.

Track List:

1. Stingray Main Titles / Into Action With Stingray

1. The Loch Ness Monster Suite / Aqua Marina