MGMT - Loss Of Life Indie CD
MGMT - Loss Of Life Indie CD
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MGMT - Loss Of Life Indie CD

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Expected release 23/02/24

1. Loss Of Life (part 2)

2. Mother Nature

3. Dancing In Babylon (feat. Christine and the Queens)

4. People In The Streets

5. Bubblegum Dog

6. Nothing To Declare

7. Nothing Changes

8. Phradie’s Song

9. I Wish I Was Joking

10. Loss Of 

"Shape-shifting New Englanders strike gold again on fifth album, a modern masterclass in psych pop. - 9/10"  
- Uncut

"A very strong return for the psych-pop duo"  
- The Guardian

"It’s a slice of magic that fits perfectly into the MGMT oeuvre while expanding the boundaries once again.”
- Tom Scharpling (The Best Show)
A very "MGMT MGMT album" which the band describes as "a group of songs about love and change, first and foremost." Descriptors from the band include: bold, flavorful, playful, sincere, optimistic, perceptive. Loss Of Life was produced by MGMT and Patrick Wimberly (Solange, Lil Yachty, MGMT), with mixing and additional production by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Interpol, Spoon). The album includes the first ever MGMT song with a feature, courtesy Christine and the Queens. The album artwork has been licensed from John Baldessari's estate and is an artwork titled Noses & Ears, Etc. (Part Two). Formed in 2002, MGMT released their era-defining debut album Oracular Spectacular in 2007. One of the most influential albums of the '00’s - it went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide and was certified Gold or Platinum in over 10 major territories, including double platinum in UK, Platinum in Australia, Gold in France and Platinum in the USA. It gave the world evergreen hits such as “Kids”, “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend” which have inspired, and continue to inspire new generations of artists and music fans alike to this day - those three songs combined have been streamed over 2 billion times on audio streaming platforms since released. Always taking an unexpected creative turn at every new record, but always maintaining their cultural and commercial relevance over the subsequent 15 years, MGMT later released three further studio albums: “Congratulations” (2010), “MGMT” (2013) and “Little Dark Age” (2018).