Linda Thompson - Proxy Music Vinyl LP

Linda Thompson - Proxy Music Vinyl LP

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Expected release 21/06/24

The Solitary Traveller ft. Kami Thompson

Or Nothing At All ft. Martha Wainwright

Bonnie Lass ft. The Proclaimers

Darling This Will Never Do ft. Rufus Wainwright

I Used To Be So Pretty ft. Ren Harvieu

John Grant ft. John Grant

Mudlark ft. The Rails

Shores of America ft. Dori Freeman

That's the Way the Polka Goes ft. Eliza Carthy

Three Shaky Ships ft. The Unthanks

Those Damn Roches ft. Teddy Thompson

The revered British singer/songwriter Linda Thompson's latest project, the aptly named 'Proxy Music' features artists handpicked by Linda and her son (and album co-producer) Teddy Thompson, to record a new set of her tunes by "proxy.

" Thompson, who Rolling Stone hailed as having "one of rock and roll's finest voices," has limited singing capabilities now due to a rare vocal condition. 'Proxy Music', however, impressively showcases her songwriting range and prowess. Tracks like "Darling This Will Never Do," and "Mudlark" hold a timeless quality, while "Those Damn Roches" and "John Grant" (sung by John Grant himself) boast very modern sensibilities. 'Proxy Music' contains performances from Linda's long-time friends and admirers as Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Eliza Carthy, The Proclaimers, Dori Freeman, and Grant, along with many talented Thompsons, including her children Teddy and Kami, and her ex-husband Richard Thompson playing guitar on several tracks. "Music in my family," Thompson shares. "It's like glue. It binds us."