GROOVE ARMADA - White Light - 1 LP - Black and White Splatter Vinyl  [RSD 2024]

GROOVE ARMADA - White Light - 1 LP - Black and White Splatter Vinyl [RSD 2024]

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White Light is the seventh studio album by the British electronic music duo Groove Armada. It consists of alternative versions of songs from their previous album, Black Light, along with one new song entitled "1980".

It originally began as the Black Light album. It was then recut, reworked and enlarged for a festival season that began at Glastonbury, crossed Europe, took in Japan, and ended in Moscow. Now these king size live versions have been taken back to the studio and re-recorded. Black Light has become White Light.

The album is influenced by David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Numan, New Order and Roxy Music. Vocal collaborations on the album include Saint Saviour, Jess Larrabee, Nick Littlemore, Saint Saviour and Will Young.

The album received a nomination for the 53rd Grammy Awards in the category of Best Electronic/Dance Album and features here for the first time on white and black splatter disc

Track List:

Side A
Warsaw feat Nick Littlemore
Time & Space feat Jess Larrabee
History feat Will Young
Not Forgotten feat Nick Littlemore

Side B
I Won’t Kneel
Look Me In The Eye Sister feat Saint Saviour
Paper Romance
History (Love Mix) feat Will Young