FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - ISDN - 2 LP - Clear Vinyl  [RSD 2024]

FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - ISDN - 2 LP - Clear Vinyl [RSD 2024]

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This product is a Record Store Day title and not available to pre-order.
Available to buy in-store from 8am on Saturday, 20/04/2024 (Record Store Day).
Any remaining copies will be available to buy online from 8pm on Monday 22/04/2024.

2024 Marks the 30th anniversary of this fan-favorite album, to celebrate this the audio from both versions has been amalgamated and sequenced by Brian Dougans.

Pressed on clear vinyl with a brand-new front cover, this will also be pressed on 1CD separately as an RSD exclusive.

Future Sound of London released ISDN in December 1994, Originally with a black cover as a limited release June 1995 saw an alternative white-covered version released, this had a different track listing on the 4th side of the LP set with new tracks. The music on the album is edited together from various live broadcasts that the duo had transmitted to radio stations all over the world using ISDN networking. At the time ISDN was a relatively new technology that had the bandwidth to carry high-quality digital audio.