Focus - Focus 12 Vinyl LP

Focus - Focus 12 Vinyl LP

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Expected release 05/07/24

Side One:
1 Fjord Focus
2 Focus 13
3 Béla
4 Meta Indefinita
5 All Aboard

Side Two:
1 Born To Be You
2 Nura
3 Bowie
4 Positano
5 Gaia 

• Legendary Dutch progressive rockers Focus return with
their 12th studio album, recorded in the worldrenowned Wisseloord Studio in the Netherlands.
• The majority of the album has been written by Thijs
van Leer who, at age 75, still rises at 4.30 am every
day to work on his latest compositions. The
unstoppable Pierre van der Linden takes up Focus
drumming duties, as he has done for more than 50
• This is the first Focus album to have been produced by
band members Udo Pannekeet and Menno Gootjes -
who also contribute compositions.
• The album features a first for a Focus album: a
completely improvised piece, recorded as it
spontaneously took place in the studio.
• Once again, Focus showcase their long-standing
association with artist Roger Dean - whose beautiful
artwork graces the packaging.
Founded by Thijs van Leer, Focus have been at the
forefront of the progressive music movement since 1969.
Their song Hocus Pocus has become a dearly-loved,
worldwide prog anthem while also being sampled by rap
musicians, used in coverage for the Winter Olympics,
sound-tracking adverts for Nike and appearing in
Hollywood movies such as Baby Driver, Robocop and
Onward! among others.
Focus continue to be one of the hardest working rock
bands on the planet, regularly touring the globe playing