Buzzcocks - Sonics in The Soul (Indies only) Vinyl LP

Buzzcocks - Sonics in The Soul (Indies only) Vinyl LP

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Expected Release 23/09/22

  • Previewed in April with the limited edition single ‘Senses Out of Control’, the new Buzzcocks album is finally unveiled – their first new studio offering since ‘The Way’ in 2014!


  • ‘Sonics In The Soul’ will be promoted by two more focus tracks as digital singles.


  • Buzzcocks are busy across the summer, catching up with their fans at a multitude of festivals.


The legendary Manchester punk band need little introduction. Back in 1977, they gave birth to a generation of independent labels with their debut EP ‘Spiral Scratch’. Thereafter, their melodic punk-pop proved irresistible, leading to hit singles and three landmark albums. They broke up in 1981 but reunited in 1989 and have been going steady ever since. Sadly, singer Pete Shelley passed away in 2018 but founder member and the band’s other singer/songwriter Steve Diggle has kept the flag flying. During the COVID pandemic, Steve and co. (Chris Remington on bass, Danny Farrant on drums) busied themselves with recording ‘Sonics In The Soul’. Recorded at Studio 7 in London, the album was co- produced by Steve himself with Laurence Loveless.


1 Senses Out of Control

2 Manchester Rain

3 You’ve Changed Everything Now

4 Bad Dreams

5. Nothingless World

6. Don't Mess With My Brain


1 Just Got To Let It Go

2 Everything is Wrong

3 Experimental Farm

4 Can You Hear Tomorrow

5 Venus Eyes