Anti-Flag - 20/20 Division (Bonus Tracks)  Vinyl LP RSD 2021

Anti-Flag - 20/20 Division (Bonus Tracks) Vinyl LP RSD 2021

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Released 12/06/21

Punk legends Anti-Flag released what is arguably the most important album of their career '20/20 Vision' last year and gave it the deluxe treatment with five new songs, dubbing it '20/20 Division'. Now available for the first time ever on single 140g coloured LP.

Hate Conquers All           

It Went Off Like A Bomb              

20/20 Vision      

Christian Nationalist       

Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down   


The Disease       

A Nation Sleeps               

You Make Me Sick          


Resistance Frequencies

Born To Run

Concrete Breeds Apathy

No Alliegiance To A Flag

No-one Can Save Yourself But You

Fight Like Hell