1975 - The 1975 – At Their Very Best - Live At MSG Orange Vinyl 2LP

1975 - The 1975 – At Their Very Best - Live At MSG Orange Vinyl 2LP

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Expected release 22/03/24

Side A

1. The 1975

2. Looking For Somebody (To Love)

3. Happiness

4. Part of the Band

5. Oh Caroline

6. I’m In Love With You

7. All I Need To Hear


Side B

8. Roadkill

9. Fallingforyou

10. I Like America & America Likes Me

11. About You

12. When We Are Together


Side C

1. If You’re Too Shy


3. Me & You Together Song

4. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

5. Paris

6. Robbers


Side D

7. Somebody Else

8. I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

9. Love It If We Made It

10. The Sound

11. Sex

12. Give Yourself a Try

Live recording of The 1975’s sold out ‘At Their Very Best’ performance from New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden, recorded on 7th November 2022 and now pressed on double orange vinyl.

Formed in Manchester in 2002, The 1975 have established themselves as one of the defining bands of their generation with their distinctive aesthetic, ardent fan base and unique sonic approach. Their latest offering Being Funny In A Foreign Language became their 5th consecutive UK No.1 album. The critically acclaimed band were crowned ‘Best Group’ at the BRIT Awards in 2017 & 2019, with their third album ‘A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships’ winning the ‘Mastercard British Album of the Year’ in 2019.