Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist Gold Vinyl 2LP
Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist Gold Vinyl 2LP
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist Gold Vinyl 2LP
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist Gold Vinyl 2LP

Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist Gold Vinyl 2LP

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Expected release 21/10/22

A1 Vortexas (feat Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)

A2 Left of Center

A3 Running Behind

A4 The 3 Deaths of Lucky (feat. KT Tunstall)

A5 Unforgivable

A6 Instigated Chimes


B1 The Coincidentalist (feat. Andrew Bird)

B2 Triangulate

B3 Picacho Peak

B4 An Extended Plane of Existence

B5 Looking That Way


C1 Dust Bowl

C2 Porch Banjo

C3 Lost Love

C4 Man on a String

C5 Reality or Not

C6 John Deere

C7 Windblown Waltz


D1 Redelivery Blues

D2 Forever and a Day

D3 Plane of Existence

D4 A Coffee Song

D5 The Old Overrated

D6 Mystery Spot

D7 Blink of an Eye

Released on gold vinyl, ‘The Coincidentalist’ and ‘Dust Bowl’ are two discs of Howe Gelb filled with randomness and happenstance, a typical treasure trove spanning all genres from alt country to Cohen-esque grandeur. They traverse, unflinchingly, his chameleon-like repertoire. This deluxe re-issue includes ‘Dust Bowl’ on vinyl for the very first time, with the records housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring updated artwork and liner notes.

‘The Coincidentalist’, originally released in 2013, features a raft of friends and collaborators including Bonnie Prince Billy, Andrew Bird, M. Ward, Steve Shelley, and Jason Lytle of Grandaddy with John Parrish on mixing duties. Ever the focal point of Giant Sand and Gelb releases, the Arizona Desert serves as a key inspiration for the record, animating the baron landscape with stories of those that have navigated them. Praise for the release was not short, with AllMusic proclaiming that it’s “one of Gelb's most realized efforts; despite its relaxed, airy presentation, it's musically and lyrically provocative, as poetic, strange, and mysterious as the desert itself."

The accompanying collection ‘Dust Bowl’ is a personal sketchbook of songs, a more stripped back set than it’s counterpart. Featuring everything from the country blues of ‘Porch Banjo’ and ‘John Deere’, to off-kilter piano ballads like ‘The Old Overrated’ and ‘Reality Or Not’ and the deconstructed desert pop on ‘Forever And A Day’ and the fragile ‘Man On A String’. ‘Dust Bowl’ is an insider’s view of Howe’s songwriting craft, a unique insight into the man himself.

“‘Dust Bowl’ was primarily for fans that have followed me for a while. ‘The Coincidentalist’ is for the friends of the fans.” Howe told Under The Radar. While Nightlife magazine reported that; “Without warning, the Giant Sand frontman and polymorphous countryman dropped this compilation of house recordings via Bandcamp… At a time when so much harmless, soulless folk resonates, Howe Gelb is a mandatory point of reference for any fan of the genre.”