ALBERTO BALDAN BEMBO - The Soul of“Ali” Ben Djamballa - 1 LP - 180g Clear Blue Vinyl  [RSD 2024]

ALBERTO BALDAN BEMBO - The Soul of“Ali” Ben Djamballa - 1 LP - 180g Clear Blue Vinyl [RSD 2024]

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Alberto Baldan Bembo (1938-2017), also known as “Ali” Ben Djamballa, Bedan, Blue Marvin or Shorty Baldan, was a multi-instrumentalist (vibraphonist, organist and pianist). Since 1959 he has been part of the group I Menestrelli del Jazz and in 1963 he joined Bruno De Filippi's group. Appreciated as a sideman, he was for several years pianist and organist in the group that accompanied the Italian singer Mina.

He has also spent much of his career as a composer of film soundtracks and published several albums through our label, among which we must remember the soundtrack of “Codice d’amore orientale”, released by SAAR/Joker in 1974, which will soon be re-released on vinyl as a limited edition by our label.

The Soul Of “Ali” Ben Djamballa (Alberto Baldan’s 1974 album) is a highly sought after LP by record collectors around the world. Following the creation of the Afro-flavored funk of this period, represented by Fela Kuti (Nigeria) and Osibisa (Ghana), the album features European Library Music grooves, including “Blue Jeans”, “Black Coffee”, “Take Six” and “Niger”.

The record contains a number of solid breaks, noteworthy sampling material and a good dose of rare and funky grooves.

Track List:

Side A
1. Rhapsody in Blue
2. Blue Jeans
3. Bloodstone
4. Kentoniana
5. Black Coffee
6. Kilimangiaro

Side B
1. Cantata in Re
2. Route to Brasilia
3. Take Six
4. White Cotton
5. Niger
6. Incorporate