The Sound - From The Lions Mouth (1981) Orange Vinyl LP

The Sound - From The Lions Mouth (1981) Orange Vinyl LP

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Expected release 13/09/24

Side A
1. “Winning”
2. “Sense of Purpose”
3. “Contact the Fact”
4. “Skeletons”
5. “Judgements”
Side B
1. “Fatal Flaw”
2. “Possesion”
3. “The Fire”
4. “Silent Air”
5. “New Dark Age”

From the Lions Mouth is the second studio album by English post-punk band The Sound, released in
November 1981 on record label Korova. Following the release of their previous album Jeopardy,
keyboardist Belinda "Bi" Marshall left the group and was replaced by Colvin "Max" Mayers. For their
new album, The Sound worked with producer Hugh Jones, as well as co-producing the album

 On a limited edition 1LP blue vinyl reissue

 On April 26, 2024 it will be exactly 25 years since Adrian Borland of The Sound passed away. We are
commemorating this by organizing a special event at Poppodium Boerderij together with the Opposite Direction
Foundation on this day. With a book presentation, film, concert and exhibition. It was December 5, 1987 that
Adrian Borland walked off the stage halfway through the concert of The Sound at De Boerderij. It would later turn
out that this had been The Sound's last concert. Adrian then made five more solo albums, but unfortunately his
illness always slumbered in the background and on April 26, 1999 he decided