Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent Vinyl LP

Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent Vinyl LP

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Expected release 23/09/23

The Fall’s 26th album, originally released in 2008.

• This classic is now re-issued on black 12" vinyl.

Following the departure of the American musicians who contributed to ‘Reformation Post-TLC’, the new British based line-up was to become the band’s last and longest serving incarnation. Alongside Mark E. Smith was Elena Poulou (keyboards, vocals), Dave Spurr (bass), Pete Greenway (guitar) and Keiron Melling(drums).

“Fact is, ‘Imperial Wax Solvent’, the best record of  theyear so far, is the latest product from a grizzled 50-plus who never winked nor flinched, and who's seen everything your daddy saw and more - and from The

Fall, who are still, despite it all, The Fall. And believe me, it's not good, it's great.” The Quietus

Side A

1 Alton Towers

2 Wolf Kidult Man

3 50-Year-Old Man

4 I've Been Duped

5 Strangetown

Side B

1 Taurig

2 Can Can Summer

3 Tommy Shooter

4 Latch Key Kid

5 Is This New

6 Senior Twilight Stock Replacer

7 Exploding Chimney